Died and gone to heaven! Yum! (at Velvet Taco Dallas)

Well…I’m here. @toddyrockstar #twerkdusoleil (at Lakewood Theater)


"Once Upon A Time" casts for Elsa, Anna and Kristoff.

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Getting excited! Way to go @scottmfoster #OnceUponATime #Frozen

@scottmfoster has been cast in Once Upon a Time’s “Frozen” Season 4! How cool is that?

This will be fun! Shooting production photos for @toddyrockstar “TWERK du SOLEIL” when he comes to Dallas. Hope I don’t have to do any “Twerkin’”


What did you all think of this weeks episode of Halt and Catch Fire?

What do you think will happen next episode?

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From yesterday’s shoot…only 1499 more photos to go through!

Waiting for the doors to open #TWpitchday (at Granada Theater)

"Distrubuted" by @Sears ??? #proofread